The Trials Of Life Oft Shadow The Soul

The trials of life oft shadow the soul,
And weary my way seems to be;
I look thro’ the storm which breaks o’er my head,
God’s rainbow of promise to see.
Then let me in faith look up in Thy face,
And cling to Thy kind, loving hand;
Thy love will o’ershade and bless to my good,
The things I may not understand.

If Thou wilt hold my hand,
Life’s bitter shall be sweet;
My faith will richer, fuller grow,
While learning at Thy feet.

The diamond in beauty never would glow,
If it were not polished with care;
So Jesus will purge my heart from all sin,
That I in His sight may be fair.
So trusting His mercy, kindness and grace,
Each trial a blessing will prove;
Life’s bitter things all grow sweet as I learn,
A kind Father’s infinite love. [Refrain]

The storm may reveal the gold which is hid,
In lives which all selfish would be;
If it were not for the trials that come,
Which make me lean harder on Thee;
Then take Thou my will, and make it, dear Lord,
Submissive to Thine ev’ry day;
Control Thou my life, and I will rejoice,
While walking with Thee all the way. [Refrain]