The Truest Friend Abides In Heaven

The truest Friend abides in heaven;
On earth our friends are rare and few;
The world to faithlessness is given;
Her children often prove untrue:
And therefore I must here contend
That Jesus is my truest Friend.

Men like a cradle sway and falter,
But Jesus like a rock doth stand;
Though storms of woe my fortune alter,
He holds me firmly by the hand:
Yea, He stands by me to the end,
So Jesus is my truest Friend.

For me He suffers crucifixion,
for me He sheds His precious blood,
He lends me help in my affliction,
His counsels all are wise and good:
Upon His word I may depend,
And thus He is my truest Friend.

My Friend, such faithfulness possessing;
My Friend, whose own I am for aye;
My Friend, so tender and caressing;
My Friend e’en unto death will stay.
Then let me evermore contend
That Jesus is my truest Friend.