The Truth Which Christians Once Received

The truth which christians once receiv’d
They never more should slight;
The promises they once believ’d
Should e’er be kept in sight.

The Saviour must b e still in view,
His life to immitate;
To serve the Lord in all they do,
And humbly on him wait.

In christian virtues to abound,
Should be their constant aim–
And all their actions should redound
To shew the Saviours fame.

Engag’d with zeal on ev’ry hand,
All vices to oppose!
And ever-more prepar’d to stand,
To conquer all such foes.

All base desires, lusts and pride,
By faith must be subdu’d;
Until the soul be sanctified,
And the whole mind renew’d.

Whilst such in faith and love increase,
They find establish’d rest;
They will enjoy eternal peace,
And be for ever bless’d.