The Twilight Falls The Night Is Near

The twilight falls, the night is near,
I fold my work away,
And kneel to One who bends to hear
The story of the day:
The old, old story; yet I kneel
To tell it at Thy call,
And cares grow lighter as I feel
My Father knows them all:

Yes, all – the morning and the night,
The joy, the grief, the loss,
The mountain track, the valley bright,
The daily thorn and cross.
Thou knowest all: I lean my head;
My wearied eyelids close;
Content and glad awhile to tread
The path our Father knows.

And Thou hast love me! All my heart
With answ’ring love is stirred;
And ev’ry grief and pain and smart
Find healing in that Word.
So now I lay me down to rest,
As nightly shadows fall,
And lean confiding on His breast
Who knows and pities all.