The Twilight Shadows Round Me Fall

The twilight shadows round me fall,
And night comes stealing on;
But thou, dear Lord, art ever near,
My day when day is gone,
Thy wings in love o’ershadow me,
The night with thee is light;
I rest in thee, thou changeless One,
And wait the morning bright.

My life is but a fleeting day,
My race how quickly run!
The dawn and noon-day glory fade
With yonder setting sun.
A stranger and a pilgrim here,
In unknown paths I roam;
Lord, let thy glory light the way
That leads me to my home. A-men.

By faith I see the better land
Where falls no earthly night,
Where thou dost shine, a radiant sun,
The everlasting Light.
Then grant me, Lord, to walk with thee,
And keep me thine alway,
That with the morn I may awake
Unto the perfect day.