The Unutterable Word Thou Art

Th’ unutterable Word Thou art,
O Christ, to Sons of Men;
Jehovah spake Thee from his Heart,
And Worlds existed then.

He spake Thee then a Law to all
The glorious Hierarchy,
And firm decreed their dreadful Fall,
Who would not worship thee.

By thee he rules the Worlds above,
And all the Worlds below;
By thee he doth his Grace and Love,
His Wrath and Justice, shew.

Thou, the exalted Throne of Grace,
The Father’s peaceful Seat,
Where we with Joy behold his Face,
And worship at his Feet.

In thee now sav’d, no more we fear
The Curse of Adam’s Fall;
In thee with Boldness we draw near
To God, the Judge of All.