The Valley Of Vision Is Dusty And Dry

The valley of vision is dusty and dry,
The dead are laid there ‘neath the storms of the sky;
Come the sunshine and rain and the seasons and years,
But no sign of life in the valley appears.

But these that are dead may have life now again,
If Thy Spirit breathe and Thy Word shall proclaim;
Then breathe in these slain, for they’re dead in sin,
Cause life to abound where destruction has been.

Was Israel lost and her hope perished quite?
Did God with His judgment her sins thus requite?
Are we not more favored than they that were slain?
Then help us the blessing of grace to obtain. [Refrain]

The world, with its multitude, needs the same Word,
A greater than prophet’s evangel is heard;
Awake from the dead, thou that sleepest, arise,
Christ gives to thee light, is thy guide to the skies. [Refrain]