The Victorys Won

The Victory’s won,
And Satan is down;
We now overcome,
His Kingdom disown:
The Seed of the woman
Hath bruised his Head,
Hath made us that new Man,
Which Love had decreed.

In Adam we lost
Our Eden by Sin;
But we now, thro’ Christ,
Again are brought in:
The Vail it is torn,
And Paradise gain’d:
The Father hath sworn;
His Promise shall stand.

Our Nature’s releas’d
From Sin, Death, and Hell;
Jehovah is pleas’d
With Man for to dwell:
A fit Habitation,
In Spirit, for God;
A blest, new Creation,
Pronounc’d very good.

We mourn not the Hour
That Adam did fall,
When his Will and Pow’r
Was forfeited all;
Nor are we now grieved,
His Glory and Crown
Could not be retrieved
By Works of his own.

It was on this Ground,
The Myst’ry of Grace
Did much more abound,
When Jesus took Place
Of Man, the Offender,
To die as for Sin;
And Righteousness render
Compleat, and brought in.

By this was made known
God’s Nature as Love:
This we, in his Son,
For ever shall prove.
By Means of Transgression,
This Grace was reveal’d:
This is our Confession,
A Truth God has seal’d.

When Adam was pure,
Yet mutable he:
In Jesus more sure,
Immutabela we;
More highly exalted
In Christ the God-man,
Ne’er to be assaulted
By Satan again.