The Virgins All Were Sleeping

The virgins all were sleeping
Until the midnight hour,
Forgetful of the Bridegroom,
His majesty and pow’r,
Till came, at last, the summons,
The herald’s urgent cry:-
“Behold! the Bridegroom cometh!
Awake! for He is nigh!”

And they that were ready went into the marriage,
And, lo! the door was shut!
And they that were foolish were left in the darkness,
For, lo! the door was shut!

Much oil the wise had taken
To fill their lamps anew,;
And soon the lights they carried
Were burning clear and true:
Alas! the foolish virgins
Had no provision made!
Too late they sought the blessing,
Too late they called for aid! [Refrain]

Oh, rouse ye from your slumbers,
And hear the gospel call!
Again the Bridegroom cometh!
Be ready, one and all!
Have you the oil of wisdom
That cometh from above?
And is your lamp now burning
With faith and hope and love? [Refrain]