The Voice Of The Savior Is Calling Calli

The voice of the Saviour is calling, calling,
As farther and farther I wander astray;
In accents of love it is falling, falling,
“O turn thee, O turn thee, no longer delay.”

Calling, he’s calling today,
Calling for me;
Calling, “No longer delay;”
Dear Savior, I’m coming to thee.

The wounds of the Saviour are pleading, pleading,
And clearer and clearer is shining the light;
It shows me the nail-prints all bleeding, bleeding,
Dear Savior, I’m coming, I’m coming tonight. [Refrain]

The hands of the Saviour are beck’ning, beck’ning,
As nearer and nearer I press to his side;
Upon his sure word I am reck’ning, reck’ning,
Dear Savior, I’m coming, for me thou hast died. [Refrain]

The love of the Saviour is boundless, boundless,
In billows and billows it breaks on the shore;
The depths of his mercy are soundless, soundless,
Dear Savior, I’m coming, the struggle is o’er. [Refrain]