The Voice Of The Spirit Is Wooing

The voice of the Spirit is wooing,
It comes when the clouds draw near;
It breathes in the heart’s soft sighing,
And rests on the falling tear.

The sweet, low voice of the Spirit
That Jesus left for us all,
Is leading us on to love him,
Oh, heed his gracious call;
Now calling, calling, tenderly calling;
Tenderly calling to you;
Still calling, calling, tenderly calling,
Calling in love to you.

The voice of the Spirit is mighty,
And breaks thro’ the chains of sin;
It comes when life’s storms are heavy,
When fierce waves are rolling in. [Refrain]

The voice of the Spirit is tender,
And lovingly comes to woo;
Then open your heart; he’ll enter,
He’s calling in love to you. [Refrain]