The Wallapai The Navaho The Pima And The

The Wallapai, the Navaho,
The Pima and the Papao,
Have heard of Christ the Lord;
Yea, Hopies and Mohaves too,
And Maricopas, not a few,
Give heed unto His Word.

The Yumas in their southern land,
Apaches strong, a warlike band,
His loving voice have heard;
The Zunies in the village brown,
Lagunas in their ancient town,
Were by His message stirred.

The Utes, who in the Rockies dwell,
And Jicarillas also, tell
Of His redeeming grace;
While Mescaleroes, ‘way down south,
Have heard the message of His mouth,
Have seen His shining face.

But all along the Rio Grande
The towns of many Puebloes stand
Who have not heard His voice;
O, who will bring that message true
To Taos and to Isleta too,
And make their hearts rejoice?

Who’ll enter in where gates are barred,
Where human hearts are seared and scarred
By superstition’s pow’r?
O Lord, these fettered doors unclose,
Cast down what doth Thy Word oppose,
Dear Savior, speed the hour.