The Walls Of Jericho Fell Down

The walls of Jericho fell down,
As Israel’s host marched boldly ’round,
Led on by thrilling trumpet’s sound,
And ev’rybody shouted.

Old whiskey’s walls have got to go
Just like the walls of Jericho!
The rummies won’t know where they’re at;
Their walls must tumble down, down flat.

They marched around for seven days,
The walls stood silent in amaze;
Then fell down flat, the Scripture says,
When ev’rybody shouted. [Chorus]

The liquor men are on the rune,
Their troubles have but just begun;
It’s our turn now to have some fun,
Let ev’rybody shout it! [Chorus]

Get ready for the jubilee,
We’re marching on to victory;
Rum’s walls are tumbling, don’t you see?
Let ev’rybody shout it! [Chorus]