The War Is On The Battle Cry Is Ringing

The war is on, the battle cry is ringing out:
“To arms, to arms!” King Jesus leads the way;
The Armageddon forces of the Lord of Hosts
Are mobilizing for the mighty fray.

The Armageddon hosts are gath’ring,
The battle-line is drawn today;
We’ll ne’er surrender, for our Defender,
The Prince of Peace, will lead the way
The Mighty God will be our Fortress,
The gates of hell shall not prevail;
In battle glorious with King victorious,
We’ll never, never, never fail,
In battle glorious, with God victorious,
We cannot fail,
We cannot fail.

Ten thousand times ten thousand thousand soldiers come,
From ev’ry kindred, tribe and tongue and race:
Celestial hosts shall join us in the glad acclaim,
And on His brow the crown of glory place. [Refrain]

The kingdoms of this sin-cursed world shall now become
The Kingdom of our Lord and Savior King;
The Prince of Peace in royal proclamation comes,
And heav’n and earth in mighty paeons ring. [Refrain]

Two worlds await the issue of this mighty war,
And soldiers of the King of kings are we:
We’ll plant the cross on ev’ry fort in ev’ry land,
And all the earth to Jesus bow the knee. [Refrain]