The Waves Of Deaths River Are Dark And C

The waves of death’s river are dark and cold,
But Jesus Himself has pass’d thro’;
The Savior in mercy thy hand will hold:
His promise is faithful and true.

Oh, the waters of Jordan may roll,
But Jesus will carry me through;
His peace is now filling my soul,
Oh, that it were given to you!

On this side the river is war and strife
‘Gainst sin by God’s faithful few,
Yet trembling sinners are ent’ring life,
The pow’r that will carry them thro’. [Chorus]

On this side the river a heav’nly peace
Is offered to you and to me;
From doubting and sin there is sweet release,
Till crossing with Jesus to be. [Chorus]

As we ford the river in sight of the land,
Our loved ones will welcome us o’er;
We’ll clasp their hands on the shining strand,
And sing on the golden shore. [Chorus]