The Way Is Dark With Lowering Clouds

The way is dark with lowering clouds o’erhead,
And threatening dangers lie on either side.
The present step alone I see to tread;
O Light of life, be Thou my constant guide.

I am not wise, and know not what to do,
Nor how to toil acceptably for Thee;
While willing learners of Thy work are few,
O Thou omniscient One, my teacher be.

The time is short, so much remains to do,
So much is lost by those who miss the way.
Since I may wander from the highway, too,
Guide my imperiled soul through time’s short day.

One way alone I know leads home to Thee,
While wandering paths diverge from either side.
I would not miss the blissful company,
And welcome of the crowned and glorified.

O Israel’s God and mine amid the night,
The ignorance that mars my work for Thee.
In time’s short day along the way of light,
Be Thou my guide unto eternity.