The Way Of Life Remained Concealed

The way of life remain’d conceal’d
To all the human race,
Until the Saviour was reveal’d
Who purchas’d pard’ning grace.

The moral law was never giv’n
To be the saving means;
To fit us for the courts of heav’n,
Or cleans us from our sins.

The law can never work that love
That forms the mind anew.
But judge, condemn and still reprove
In all we think or do.

But when that true and living faith
Is to the heart applied;
then as the great Apostle saith:
We shall be justified.

All male and female, Jew and Greek,
And ev’ry bond and free!
And all who for salvation seek,
The heirs of grace shall be.

Thus made the heirs of grace indeed
In spirit circumcis’d:
With Abram and his faithful seed,
For which we were baptis’d.