The Way That Leads Us Heavenward

The way that leads us heav’nward
Is often rough and steep;
We struggle in the darkness,
And sometimes pause to weep;
Then come a thought to comfort
The heart, discouraged grown,
He who trod Calv’ry’s pathway
Never will leave thee alone.

No, never alone, no never alone.
He promised never to leave thee,
Never to leave thee alone.

Then, thinking of the burden
He bore up Calv’ry’s hill,
We cease our weak complaining,
Our lips, for shame, are still,
And hearts that pain has tortured
Forget to make their moan,
Rememb’ring him who promised
Never to leave us alone. [Refrain]

Oh, soul, hast thou forgotten
The message wondrous sweet Of him who left behind him
The print of bleeding feet?
“I never will forsake thee!
Dear child, when weary grown,
Remember I have promised
Never to leave thee alone.” [Refrain]

Take courage, way-worn pilgrim!
Tho’ mists and shadows hide
The face of Christ who loves thee,
He’s ever at thy side.
Reach out thy hand to find him,
And lo! the mists have flown-
He smiles, and whispers softly,
“Never to leave thee alone.” [Refrain]