The Whole Wide World For Jesus For His I

The whole wide world for Jesus!
For His is its domain,
And His is the dominion,
From sea to sea to reign;
To Him the kings of Sheba
Their royal gifts shall bring,
And isles afar their tribute,
Shall render to their King.

The whole wide world for Jesus!
O Church of Christ, awake!
Put on thy strength, O Zion,
Thy posts of duty take;
Go forth upon thy mission,
In Jesus’ name alone,
Till earth, with all her millions,
His sov’reignty shall own.

The whole wide world for Jesus!
Rejoice, ye saints, anew!
For brightly scenes prophetic
Are looming into view;
The world from sleep is waking,
To sink in night no more,
For Jesus soon, triumphant,
Shall reign from shore to shore.