The Wicked Fools Must Sure Suppose Hopk

The wicked Fools must sure suppose,
That GOD is nothing but a Name;
This gross Mistake their Practice shows,
Since Truth and Justice all disclaim:
In each corrupt and sinful Way,
Their wicked Hearts have gone astray.

The LORD look’d down from Heav’n’s high Tow’r,
The num’rous Race of Men to view,
To see if any own’d his Pow’r,
If any Truth or Justice knew.
But all he saw were backward gone,
None for Religion car’d – not one

But are those Workers of Deceit,
So very dull and senseless grown,
That they like Bread my People eat,
And GOD’s Almighty Pow’r disown?
Will they his Justice ne’er proclaim,
Nor call upon his Holy Name?

Their causeless Fears shall stronger grow;
And all the Enemies of GOD
Shall soon be foil’d; his Hands shall throw
Their Limbs and shatter’d Bones abroad.
Thus shall thy Foes be cloath’d with Shame,
Because thy GOD despiseth them.

O let thy saving Help appear,
Salvation out of Sion send;
Thy People’s earnest Prayers hear,
And to our constant Sighs attend:
When thou shall break our servile Band,
Loud Shouts of universal Joy
Our Joys shall echo through the Land.