The Wily Judas Watches Near

The wily Judas watches near
The Master’s path to-day,
That he may into wicked hands
The Eternal Lord betray,
Who in the desert lone and dread
Supplied the multitudes with bread.

To-day the wicked one denies
His Teacher and his Friend-
Once a disciple, he betrays
His Master in the end.
For silver, see the Lord is sold,
Who manna gave in days of old.

To-day the Jews on Calvary
A cruel Cross have raised,
And nailed upon that Cross, their Lord
Have wickedly abased,
Who made a pathway through the sea
And led them from captivity.

To-day the spear is lifted high
And thrust into His side,
Who for His people raised His hand
And wounded Egypt’s pride;
They give Him vinegar and gall,
Who showered down manna on them all.

Hymns of the Greek Church,