The Winning Fight Is Always To The Right

The winning fight is always to the right,
When life’s great wars with evil once begin
For those who trust the Lord in all His might
Can shout: “We’ll win!”

We have a long, hard fight, but we’ll win,
We’ll win, o’er sin,
We’re on the Lord’s side,
We’re on the right side,
And we must surely win.

When sin assails the courage often fails,
And base surrender tempts the soul within,
But Christ’s own armor ev’rywhere prevails,
Praise God! we’ll win! [Chorus]

With eyes turn’d t’ward our ever conqu’ring Lord,
Our faith the shield to quench the darts of sin,
And with His Holy Spirit for a sword,
‘Tis true; we’ll win! [Chorus]

Then let our cry ring upward to the sky,
Ring louder still than conflicts fearful din,
A shout of triumph echoing on high:
“We’ll win! we’ll win!” [Chorus]