The Wise Men Saw A Light Afar

The wise men saw a light afar
shine out on Christmas morning,
And taught by faith they hailed the star
of Christ on Christmas morning.
Then journeyed they, those princes three,
on Christmas in the morning,
To David’s town, his Lord to see,
the Babe in glory’s morning!

Whom did ye see, ye shepherds, say,
on Christmas in the morning?
Whose voice heard ye, this peaceful day,
sweet singing in the morning?
We heard their carols in the sky,
on Christmas in the morning,
And saw the angel host on high
in robes of light, this morning!

And whom see ye, good Christians all,
on Christmas in the morning?
Whose voice hear we, this festival,
in tones of love and warning?
We hear the Church, our mother dear,
on Christmas in the morning;
And see her Spouse, for faith sees clear,
th’Incarnate Word, this morning.

Then lift ye up your hearts aright,
this Eucharistic morning!
Come, come, where altars beam with light,
And choirs sing sweet, this morning;
Glory to God, to God our King,
on Christmas in the morning!
Peace, peace, let all good people sing,
goodwill to men this morning!