The Wonders Which Thy Laws Contain

The wonders which thy laws contain
No words can represent;
Therefore to learn and practise them
My zealous heart is bent.

The very entrance to thy word
Celestial light displays,
And knowledge of true happiness
To simplest minds conveys.

With eager hopes I waiting stood,
And fainting with desire;
That of thy wise commands I might
The sacred skill acquire.

With favour, Lord, look down on me,
Who thy relief implore;
As thou are wont to visit those
Who thy blest name adore.

Directed by thy heav’nly word
Let all my footsteps be;
Nor wickedness of any kind
Dominion have o’er me.

Release, entirely set me free
From persecuting hands,
That, unmolested, I may learn
And practise thy commands.

On me, devoted to thy fear,
Lord, make thy face to shine;
Thy statutes both to know and keep,
My heart with zeal incline.

My eyes to weeping fountains turn,
Whence briny rivers flow,
To see mankind against thy laws
In bold defiance go.