The Wondrous Work The Lord Has Done

The wondrous work the Lord has done
Let every voice proclaim!
And for the work of grace begun,
The wondrous battle fought and won,
Give glory to His name!

We pleaded for the Spirit,
He came in mighty power;
We pleaded for the droppings,
And lo, He sent the shower!

Unto the Lord doth praise belong,
O tell it everywhere!
Let every ransomed soul prolong
The loud hosannah of the song-
The Lord doth answer prayer! [Refrain]

We’ll sing the power of Jesus’ name,
And His atoning blood;
Today and evermore the same,
The vilest sinner to reclaim,
And bring Him back to God. [Refrain]

Let every heart and every tongue
As one united host
Praise God for what His arm hath done-
Praise God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Holy Ghost! [Refrain]