The Word God Has Spoken Shall Ever Preva

The word God has spoken shall ever prevail;
A promise or precept of His cannot fail;
An anchor that holds while the storm rages high,
The word of Jehovah, we know, cannot die.

The Bible! the Bible! a gift all divine,
A light from above on our pathway to shine;
O cling to the Bible-when all else shall fail-
The word God has spoken shall surely prevail.

‘Tis food to the hungry, ’tis light to the blind,
Here wisdom and knowledge the seeker will find;
The Spirit will teach us the deep things of God,
Unerringly guide all who study the Word. [Refrain]

A weapon offensive, defensive as well,
A message from God,-we this message must tell;
The great gospel story, the power of God,
Is found in the Bible, God’s wonderful Word. [Refrain]

Tho’ heaven and earth at the last pass away,
This great Revelation remaineth for aye;
It liveth because it was given by God,
From first to the last it is His Holy Word. [Refrain]