The Word Of God Which Neer Shall Cease

The word of God, which ne’er shall cease,
proclaims free pardon, grace, and peace,
salvation shows in Christ alone,
the perfect will of God makes known.

This holy Word exposes sin,
convinces us that we’re unclean,
points out the wretched, ruined state
of human-kind, both small and great.

It then reveals God’s boundless grace,
which justifies our sinful race,
and gives eternal life to all
who will accept the gospel call.

It gently heals the broken heart
and heav’nly riches does impart,
reveals redemption’s wondrous call
through Christ’s atoning death for all.

O God, in whom our trust we place,
we thank you for your word of grace;
help us its precepts to obey
till we shall live in endless day.