The Word That God Has Given

The word that God has given, why should a man deny?
I need it while I’m living, I’ll need it when I die;
It led me to a Saviour who heard my earnest cry,
That is why I believe it is true.

‘Tis true, ’tis true,
The word of God is true,
It tells me I’m forgiven, it will do the same for you,
I’ll cling to it forever no matter what befall,
From Genesis to Revelation I believe it all.

If it had not been written what would a sinner do?
‘Twas written for the present and for the future too;
And what to me is hidden may be revealed to you,
That is why I believe it is true. [Refrain]

You ask why I believe it? I’m always glad to tell,
It is because it saved me from an eternal hell;
And led me to my Saviour with whom I’ll ever dwell,
That is why I believe it is true. [Refrain]

I rest my hope upon it, today and evermore;
I know it will not fail me, I’ve proved it o’er and o’er;
And you will hear me shouting when Jordan’s billows roar,
Hallelujah! I’m glad it is true. [Refrain]