The Workers In The Vineyard Have Gone Fo

The workers in the vineyard have gone forth
As missionaries of the cross,
Commissioned by the Lord and by us to go
As heralds of the Gospel the lands across.

They are working over there for you,
They are working over there for me,
They are standing in our place and in the strength of grace
They are working there and winning souls for you and me.

They consecrate their all in faith and love,
And prove their loyal spirit thus;
We send them to the lands where the heathen are,
And there they toil and pray for the Lord and us. [Refrain]

We send them to the front for us to toil,
To preach the Gospel in our stead,
To win the distant lands to the cross of Christ,
To “go and bring them in,” as the master said. [Refrain]

They offer up themselves in sacrifice,
Their lives they do not count as dear,
They sail to distant lands with the cross of Christ;
The duty now is ours to sustain them there. [Refrain]