The Works And Ways Of God On High

The works and ways of God on high
I cannot solve-I do not try;
But, tho’ I cannot these unfold,
One thing I know-to this I’ll hold
Tho’ all the world besides deny-
A sinner saved by grace am I.

I cannot tell you why, nor how,
For O I do not understand;
I only say, “I know! I know!”
On this unshaken ground I stand.

I know that my Redeemer lives;
I know, I know that He forgives;
I know that I who once was dead
Am now alive in Christ, my head!
Let all the world besides deny
“I know I live!” shall be my cry. [Refrain]

How, at His word, the darkness flies,
And beams of sunlight flood my eyes,
I do not know; enough for me
That I who once was blind now see!
Let all the world besides deny
“I know I see!” shall be my cry. [Refrain]

Beyond this mortal vale there stands
A house for me not made with hands;
E’en now I see beyond the dome,
And occupy my heav’nly home.
Let all the world besides deny
I know I have a home on high. [Refrain]