The World Came To My Home Today

The world came to my home to-day,
To spread a wondrous feast;
The ships and planes in bright array
Brought gifts from west and east;
From India, spice; from China, tea,
My table high to fill;
Each nation sent in peace to me
A token of goodwill.

The world came to my school to-day,
And brought me wondrous games;
The playmates strange had nought to say,
Nor told their stranger names;
But all could laugh and play like me,
Soft, warm were heart and hand,
That made a ring strong as could be
Of friends from every land.

The whole world came to church to-day,
Their praise and gifts to bring;
In every tongue to sing and pray
And worship Jesus, King.
Not as the Wise Men, riding far,
To find him in once place;
His spirit, coming where we are,
Binds hearts of every race.