The World He Made He Still Sustains

The world He made He still sustains,
When then dost thou, O Israel, say,
“My God forgets His people’s pains;
His Jacob is a castaway”?

Repent thee of thy peevish haste,
Recall the rash desponding word,
No more complain, “The hour is past,
And I have wearied out my Lord.”

Hast thou not heard, hast thou not known,
The everlasting God, that laid
The earth’s foundations, rules alone,
Nor faints to bear the world He made?

Jehovah is unchangeable,
His ways, and thought, are not as ours,
He cheers the languid souls that fail,
And quickens all their drooping powers.

Gently He lifts the fallen up,
He gives them faith, and faith’s increase,
Revives their feeble, dying hope,
And fills with love, and joy and peace.

Blasted, the vigor of the young
Shall fade, and suddenly decay;
The bold, and confident, and strong,
Shall fear, despair, and die away.

But they who wait upon the Lord
Shall surely find His promise true,
Receive the quickening powerful Word,
And, born of God, their strength renew.

Their willing souls from sin set free,
Shall swiftly in His statutes move,
Shall walk in glorious liberty,
Shall fly upon the wings of love.

With eagle’s wings their souls shall rise,
Steady and strong to Heaven soar,
Regain on earth their native skies,
And faint, and fall, and sin no more.