The World Is Full Of Sin And Pain

The world is full of sin and pain,
And troubled hearts are here,
Go seek for them and gladly give
Your message of hope and cheer;
Speak softly of the Saviour’s love,
So tender, kind and true,
Go forward in the Master’s name,
And He will go with you.

Carry the sunlight with you,
God’s blessed sunlight with you,
And let it shine wherever you may go, you may go,
Yes, carry the sunlight with you,
The heav’nly sunlight with you,
That other lives the beautiful light may know.

A kindly deed that you may do,
A whispered word or prayer,
May lead a wand’ring soul to God,
And save him from dark despair;
Then in the name of Jesus go,
Invite them all to come,
And bear with you the blessed light,
To guide them safely home. [Refrain]

Go where a lost world needs you most,
For Christ your Lord is there,
The precious heav’nly sunlight take,
And scatter it ev’rywhere;
Your faithful work He will reward,
So saith His word divine;
“Who winneth souls to righteousness,
Like stars shall brightly shine.” [Refrain]