The World Is Waiting To Hear The Gospel

The world is waiting to hear the Gospel,
The world is waiting for the everlasting story;
So wake, ye people, put on your armor,
And speed away today to win eternal glory.
Bear ye the tidings of love and gladness,
And truly cover all the darkened territory.
Go forth with courage, go forth with singing,
Obey the orders from the King.

Carry ye the tidings,
Oh, preach the Gospel of love to every nation;
To the living waters the weary, thirsty people bring;
Show to them the pathway that leads to Heaven,
And tell them of salvation.
These are now the orders,
The blessed orders from the King.

Waste not the moments, for they are precious,
Let not the Master’s work seem tedious or appalling;
Raise high the standard, and keep it waving,
And speed away to those whose hearts to you are calling.
The hours are fleeting, the days are passing,
And soon around you night’s drear shadows will be falling;
So do your duty, to Him who loves you.
Obey the orders from the King. [Refrain]

Across the border a crown is waiting
For those who do His bidding here, complaining never;
And life eternal, and rest and gladness,
Shall come to all who help some soul from sin to sever.
So work for Jesus, that He may bless you,
And let you reign with Him in paradise forever;
Away, rejoicing, to do the reaping,
Obey the orders from the King. [Refrain]