The World Knew Not Jesus When Down To Ea

The world knew not Jesus when down to earth He came
To purchase redemption, to bear our sin and shame;
They scorned and reviled Him, their Lord an King denied;
The world knew not Jesus, and Him they crucified.

To know Him is to love Him, then why will you not believe?
To know Him is to love Him, salvation will you receive?
He’s won my heart forever,His praises I’ll gladly sing; (I will sing;)
‘Tis Heaven below, this Jesus to know, Redeemer and Lord and King.

The world knew not Jesus and knows Him not today,
For still men are crying, “Away with Him, away!”
Rejecting the pardon He purchased with His blood,
Afresh crucifying the blessed Son of God. [Chorus]

The world will know Jesus, and ev’ry knee shall bow,
And all men confess Him, the Christ thy know not now.
the day of His triumph is swiftly drawing near,
In pow’r and great glory He shall in clouds appear. [Chorus]