The World Needs Jesus The Sick And Sad

The world needs Jesus! The sick and sad
Must have His presence to make them glad;
The weak and weary would find His rest;
The lone and friendless in His be blest.

The world needs Jesus! Then tell of Him
When lives are darkened by shadows dim;
Repeat the tidings of hope divine,
O, tell the message where hearts repine.

The world needs Jesus! No other way
From earth to heaven, from night to day,
His love is boundless, His mercy sure,
Thro’ years eternal His words endure. [Refrain]

The world needs Jesus! He came to save,
He paid the ransom, His life He gave;
A free salvation in Him is found,
Tho’ sin and darkness on earth abound. [Refrain]

The world needs Jesus! The one true Light,
The Star of glory in earthly night,
Then tender Saviour, the loyal Friend,
The One whose mercies will never end. [Refrain]