The World Of Forms And Changes

The world of forms and changes
Is just now so confused
That there is found some danger
In ev’rything you use;
But this is consolation
To ev’ry blood-washed child,
The Lord will change our station,
After a while.

After a while, after a while,
The Lord will change our station,
After a while.

Old Satan tries to throw down
Ev’rything that’s good;
He’d fix a way to confound
The righteous if he could.
But thanks to God Almighty
That he cannot beguile;
And we will be done fighting,
After a while.

There are some men and women
That help the devil on
By constantly complaining
Of everything that’s done,
They want to be called Christians
And all their badness hide;
God will open the secret,
After a while.

If the preacher in his sermon,
Stands up to tell the truth,
They’ll go about and murmur,
With slander and abuse,
They want the whole arrangement
To suit their selfish style,
But God will sit in judgment,
After a while.

I know we have too many
who are living in the dark;
They have but little if any,
Of Christian work at heart,
But thousands, though ’tis stormy,
Are marching undefiled;
And God will head the army,
After a while.