Thee Lord I Love With Sacred Awe

I. Thee, Lord, I love with sacred Awe:
Thy gracious Presence ne’er withdraw
From me thy feeble Creature’
Th’whole World is tastless to my Soul;
I rind no Rest within the Pole,
But in thy loving Nature;
Nay, if the Strings of Life were broke,
Thou art my never-failing Rock,
My Joy, my Comfort, and my All,
Whose Blood redeem’d me from the Fall.
Lord JESUS CHRIST, Thy saving Name
Preserve me from eternal Shame.

II. ‘Tis thy free Gift, what’s counted mine.
My Body, Soul and Mind is thine,
With all this Life’s Enjoyment.
Lord, grant me such a grateful Sense,
To make the Praise of Providence
My chief and best Employment.
Preserve me from Delusion free;
Destroy old Satan’s Tyranny;
In all Afflictions bear me up
With Christian Courage, Faith and Hope:
Great Saviour CHRIST, my Sov’reign Lord,
In th’ Hour of Death thy Help afford.

III. Lord, let thy blest Angelick Bands
Convey my Soul into thy Hands,
When now my Heart is breaking.
The Body in its Tomb refine
From all th’ inherent Dross of Sin,
Till Thou command’st its waking;
Then raise me to that glorious Place,
Where I may see Thee Face to Face,
To sing with all thy Saints above
The Wonders of Redeeming Love.
O CHRSIT, my LORD, I’ll here adore,
And praise Thee there for evermore.