Thee Will I Love My Strength My Glahn

Thee will I love, my Strength, my Treasure,
My heart in Thee finds peace and joy;
Thee will I love in fullest measure,
And in Thy cause my life employ;
Thee will I love and serve alone.
Lord, take me as Thine own.

Thee will I love, Thou Life from heaven,
Thou leadest me on life’s true way.
Thee will I love, Thou hast me given
The light undimm’d by darkest day,
Thee will I love whose blood was spilt
To cleanse my soul from guilt.

So long wert Thou to me a stranger,
Who first of all didst hold me dear;
I sought afar in sin and danger,
The home that was with Thee so near,
But love and peace for which I sigh’d
With Thee alone abide.

Disown not, Lord, the child returning
To Thee discouraged and forlorn.
The tempting world I sought with yearning
Had nought to give but grief and scorn.
In Thee alone, for all its grief,
My heart can find relief.

Thee will I love and worship ever,
My God, my Lord and Brother dear.
Must ev’ry worldly tie I sever
And naught but scorn I suffer here,
Thee will I love, my Lord divine;
O Jesus, call me Thine.