Then When The Sun Was Set

Then when the sun was set they came
And brought the loved ones, blind and lame,
To Him who wondrous words had taught,
And miracles so mighty wrought,
In Galilee, in Galilee.

‘Twas not till setting of the sun,
No, not till night had just begun-
They brought at last the loved ones ill,
To supplicate the Master’s skill,
On bended knee, on bended knee.

‘Twas passing strange so long they’d wait,
These suffering and disconsolate.
Why tarry all the weary day!
Why did the sick ones still delay
The Christ to see, the Christ to see?

O Great Physician from above,
Heal Thou the sin-sick souls we love!
But, Master, grant we may not bide
So long a time-till eventide-
To ask of Thee, to ask of Thee.