There Are Friends I Recall That Are Dear

There are friends I recall
That are dear to my mem’ry,
And they live ever treasured within;
But the dearest of all,
One I love more than any,
Is the one who has saved me from sin.

Dearest of all is the king, loving Saviour,
Jesus, who died for my sins, on the tree;
He is the best and the dearest of any,
Jesus, who pardoned and bade me go free.

There are dear ones of yore
That were near me in childhood,
And their love I shall ever extol;
But there’s none I adore
Like the blessed Redeemer,
Who was wounded to rescue my soul. [Refrain]

In my sins I was lost,
Far away from my Saviour,
I was doomed with the down-fallen race;
But the Lord paid the cost,
Gave his life to redeem me,
I was saved by his infinite grace. [Refrain]