There Are Hills Beyond The Valley Where

There are hills beyond the valley where the river glideth by,
Where the Eden flow’rs are blooming underneath a cloudless sky;
There the stately palms are swaying in the soft and balmy breeze;
Birds of paradise are singing from the ever-verdant trees.

Oh, the hills beyond the river,
Stately hills majestic hills;
We shall rest in peace forever,
On those hills, enduring hills.

On those hills beyond the river is our heavenly Father’s throne,
And the brightness of that city mortal eye hath never known;
Oh, its gates are shining brightly in the never-fading day,
For the sunshine is eternal, and can never pass away. [Chorus]

While we walk along the valley we may sometimes gain a view
Of the hills beyond the river underneath the arching blue;
If our footsteps never falter, in the path that should be trod,
We may one day claim a dwelling in the city of our God. [Chorus]