There Are Joys We Fondly Cherish

There are joys we fondly cherish,
While we tread this vale of earth;
There are those that never perish,
But in heav’n they have their bright.
All who share the bliss of heaven
Enter’d in at mercy’s gate;
Thro’ the grave by Jesus given,
They have reach’d their high estate.

Let us ever strive to enter,
Never for the morrow wait;
Strive to enter, strive to enter,
Enter in at mercy’s gate.

Earth may have its many pleasures,
They are fleeting as a day;
But above are dearer treasures,
That shall never pass away.
In the path of right and duty
Many ills may be our fate;
But religion has a beauty;
It is found at mercy’s gate. [Chorus]

Up the hill ascending ever,
With our eyes upon the goal,
Let the world’s allurements never
Cause us to forget the soul.
Soon our toil will here be ended,
Bright rewards for us await,
When to Him we are ascended,
Who has opened mercy’s gate. [Chorus]