There Are Mansions Full Of Glory

There are mansions full of glory
Free from sorrow and from care;
And our Saviour’s gone before us
That our home he might prepare.
And we have the precious promise
That when he shall come again,
We shall dwell forever with him,
Far beyond the reach of pain.

It is not a tent or cottage
He has promised shall be ours,
But an everlasting “mansion”
Built among the fadeless flow’rs.
Mansions here are always changing
Ever turning to decay;
But the mansion Christ will give us,
It shall never pass away.

There within those peaceful mansions,
Will be rest for all his own;
And the promise speaks of “many”
Lack of room there will be none.
There’ll be room for little children,
Homeless and unwelcomed here
For the outcast and the aged,
When those mansions shall appear.

When within that home in glory,
Safely housed we’ll fear no harm;
For we then shall be forever
Neath our Father’s mighty arm.
I am glad that Jesus told us
Of that wondrous home so fair,
And I hope with all his loved ones,
I shall safely enter there.