There Are Many Calls To War

There are many calls to war,
There are banners waving high,
Zion’s hosts, arise from far and near!
Throng ye to the battle front,
Halt ye not upon the way,
For the King of Light shall soon appear!

Onward to the fray,
Trusting God to help us day by day.
Ever onward as we sing,
To the glory of the Lord our king.

Weapon formed against the Church
Shall not prosper, saith the Lord,
‘Gainst the light that shineth as the sun;
But the glorious Church of God,
Onward moves from day to day,
And will prosper while the ages run. [Refrain]

Zion loved of the Lord,
Lift thy voice and cry aloud,
For the day of triumph soon shall come.
Soon the night will pass away,
Soon will dawn the perfect day,
And the ransomed shall be gathered home. [Refrain]