There Are Songs Of Joy That I Loved To S

There are songs of joy that I loved to sing,
When my heart was blithe as a bird in spring,
But the song I have learned is so full of cheer,
That the dawn shines out in the darkness drear.

O the new, new song! O the new, new song!
I can sing it now with the ransomed throng:
Power and dominion to Him that shall reign,
Glory and praise to the Lamb that was slain.

There are strains of home that are dear as life,
And I list to them oft ‘mid the din of strife;
But I know of a home that is wondrous fair,
And I sing the psalm they are singing there. [Refrain]

Can my lips be mute, or my heart be sad,
When the gracious Master hath made me glad?
When He points where the many mansions be,
And sweetly says, There is one for thee? [Refrain]

I shall catch the gleam of its jasper wall
When I come to the gloom of the even fall,
For I know that the shadows, dreary and dim,
Have a path of light that will lead to Him. [Refrain]