There Are Songs Sweet Songs

There are songs, sweet songs, that I love to hear,
When my heart is sad and the way is drear,
But the sweetest song, that has come to me,
Is the glad new song of the soul set free;
O that song so sweet, o that song so sweet,
From the newborn soul at the mercy seat,
Like the one they sing in the home above
Is the song first sung of the new found love.

In the bright glad years of the long ago,
From the mother lips in a gentle flow,
Came a song of peace, with a sweet refrain,
Like the round full notes of the spring birds strain,
But the song so sweet, which the saved repeat,
When the Lord is found at the mercy seat,
Brings more joy to me; yes, more joy to me,
Than the song I learned at my mother’s knee.

When we reach our home, on the Eden-side,
Where the blood wash’d throng, with the King, abide,
Then the song first learn’d at the mercy seat,
To the King of kings we will each repeat,
O that song so sweet, O that song so sweet,
That we learn’d to sing at the mercy seat,
We will sing again in a sweeter strain,
When we all get home with our Lord to reign.