There Are Souls Perishing Souls Over The

There are souls, perishing souls, over the sea,
Perishing souls in our own native land;
Bearing the message of love everlasting and free,
Let us reach them a kind, helping hand.

Perishing souls, over the sea;
Jubilant songs floating over the waves,
Carry the joy, wonderful joy,
Carry the news, glorious news,
Jesus saves.

Blessed work, beautiful work, children of light,
Gratefully tell of the Master we love,
Witnessing daily of him who hath scattered our night,
And prepares us for mansions above. [Refrain]

Lift the cross, Calvary’s cross! near and afar,
Numberless hearts shall acknowledge its power;
Hasten the day when the nations shall follow his star,
Hail the dawn of the bright, golden hour. [Refrain]