There Are Times When A Word Just A Frien

There are times when a word-just a friendly word-
Makes the heart of the wayfarer strong;
For it tells someone cares for a comrade’s weal,
And would help as we journey along.

O the words we may speak, O the help we may give,
To the comrades we meet in the way!
Let us scatter the sunshine of love and of hope
Into some aching heart ev’ry day.

There are times when a smile-just a loving smile-
Drives the gloom from a sorrowing heart;
So, O comrade of mine, it is well worth while
To be brave till the clouds break apart. [Refrain]

O the good we may do as we journey on,
In the road leading home, day by day;
Let no chances be lost for a helpful deed,
Or a word or a smile by the way. [Refrain]