There Is A Blessed Power

There is a blessed power
That shields us from all woe,
And like a mighty tower
Protects us from the foe;
It is the faith abiding
In Jesus Christ, our Lord;
It is the faith confiding
In God’s own blessed Word.

By faith was Moses guided
To reach the promised land
And Israel provided
With manna from God’s hand;
In want and tribulation,
Exposed to fire and sword,
God’s children found salvation
By faith in Christ, the Lord.

When shades of night enclose us
And griefs our hearts dismay,
When foes with might oppose us
And friends our trust betray,
In fear and tribulation
We take the shield of faith,
And with this consolation
We fight the pow’rs of death.

Arise, then, all believers,
Lift high this mighty shield;
The strongest arrow shivers
Against its gleaming field;
And ye shall walk protected
From Satan’s wiles and might
Until in grace perfected
Ye dwell with God in light.